Brazilian offgrid power coop 1Q output rises


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Brazilian distributed generation cooperative Cogecom’s first quarter 2023 power generation grew by more than 150pc from full-year 2022 levels.

Cogecom — which focuses on renewable power — generated what it said was a record 350mn KWh in the quarter, up from the 200 KWh it reported for 2022. The company said it did not previously break out quarterly data.

The company currently has about 405MW in generation capacity and aims to reach around 600MW in generation capacity by the end of 2023, in line with its goal of expanding by 800pc by 2026.

As a distributed generation cooperative, Cogecom connects small generators to consumers, promising lock-in power costs at the minimum tariff charged by the regional distributor. That means the cost does not include surcharges for additional thermal power to cover a hydropower drop or strengthen the power grid.

Cogecom’s business is focused in eight states in the south, southeast and midcenter regions

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